Welcome to the Tampa Bay Think Tank

Tampa Bay Think Tank (TBTT) hosts one event each quarter in Northeast Clearwater, Florida at Regency Oaks. Events are usually the third Thursday in January, April, July, and October – from 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm. There are variations, so check the schedule. Events are listed on the upper portion of our right sidebar.

Capacity is 70 to 90 attendees, all whom must be business owners, decision makers or professionals. Invitees also need to have a Board Member as a reference. If you would like an introduction to a current member of the board, please visit our Board Page or Contact Us Page.

TBTT Meeting - Round Table Discussions

Round Table Discussions

Regency Oaks

Regency Oaks – Our Gracious Host

Thanks to Regency Oaks sponsorship and continued support of the greater Tampa Bay business community, the TBTT remains a free event. Along with providing their meeting facility, Regency Oaks also provides the evening’s food and beverages. At the conclusion of the event a voluntary donation would be appreciated and sent to the speaker’s favorite charity by the TBTT committee on the speaker’s behalf.