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Laurean Callender

Laurean Callender has been a marketing professional for over twenty years, starting as a sales representative for her family’s commercial printing facility in Dallas Texas, to her current position as President of Red Palm Marketing.  She firmly believes that a marketing company, as entrusted with the voice of their clients’, must hold themselves to a high level of integrity.  “The regard that we hold ourselves to is strict and corporate-friendly, thankfully our sense of humor in developing quirky campaigns is not.”  It’s that level of honesty and wit that has developed a deep level of customer loyalty.

Red Palm Marketing was created in early 2012 after Laurean spent a dozen years as a National Product Manager for Standard Register.  Fortunate enough to have developed co-branded marketing campaigns with blue chip companies, Laurean soon realized that the concepts and practices can be utilized in the smaller markets – and should be available to them as well.

Red Palm has stayed true to their positioning and has earned the privilege of creating a very well rounded client list that is premised on the fact that most of the products offered can be purchased – well anywhere.  With every penny mattering and large corporate media outlets grasping at straws and getting involved with digital marketing strategies, that were once foreign to them, Red Palm has remained the clairvoyant voice amid all the high tech, high rolling chatter.

“We bring smart marketing solutions to the small business that makes financial sense”.

Laurean graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  In 2005, she received a Six Sigma designation for the successful completion of multi-million dollar cost saving initiatives.  She is an active Rotarian and a “Big” in Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Laurean lives in Largo with her two children, Tara and Efren, and enjoys visiting family in New York City whenever possible.

Laurean Callender
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