Sean McKeon

Sean McKeon, P3 Agency CEO

Sean McKeon

Sean grew up in an entrepreneurial family and he has spent almost his entire adult life helping others grow and market themselves and their companies. He helped the family run a publishing company throughout his high school years, which then turned into the now, family marketing firm, the P3 Agency.

With over 23 years of service, Sean has had the great pleasure of being instrumental in help many business owners achieve and fulfill on their dreams. It the early days of the agency, before the proliferation of the internet, P3 helped businesses focus on their offline and digital media marketing. In the mid-90’s P3 jumped into web development, and has since become one the Tampa Bay’s leading Brand Development and Marketing Services Firm.

Sean and the team at P3 have an innate understanding and brand development, strategic marketing and what it takes to help businesses set themselves apart from their competition. Sean is always very generous with his time and resources, so he keeps an open-door policy for anyone to reach out to him for marketing and business growth questions and strategies.

Chief Executive Officer
P3 Agency
Branding & Marketing Services